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A Day in the Life of Boss Lady (Me!)

I never would have imagined myself to own and operate an automotive repair shop, let alone work in one (LOL). Since I started running the show in October of 2018, I've had my ups and downs, lots of laughter (and lots of crying), feelings of inadequacy and insecurity because I realized I was a woman in a 'man's world'. Women in the US only account for 9.7% of all the individuals in the auto repair industry - so you can imagine the feeling. However, after doing some research, I learned that over 70% of consumers in this industry guessed it...women! Since learning that, the ENTIRE vision I had for Complete Automotive Repair was tossed in the garbage like those annoying "Your Vehicle's Warranty is About to Expire" letters. My vision now is to create a business model that will focus on the comfort, peace of mind, and the needs/wants of women who need their cars repaired (don't worry men, we won't leave ya out). So, in summary, I would absolutely love to share and reveal all the things that are going to be rolled out, but I can't yet (my secret weapons must remain hidden so my male counterparts/competition won't beat me to the punch). Stay tuned, though!

Yours Truly,

Boss Lady

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Maxwell Davis
Maxwell Davis
Mar 10, 2021

this place sounds nice!

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